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Nov 10, 2012 12:35am EST
my body. >> jimmy: yeah. thank you, mitt romney, for losing out on your bid for the white house. guess you'll just have to settle for your blue house, your yellow house, your gray house, your red house -- [ cheers and applause ] -- your brick house, your dutch colonial, classic tudor, neo-victorian, french chateau and your summer house that has a tree house that's the same size as a regular house. [ cheers and applause ] he's disappointed. ♪ thank you, ice, for not minding that you float in a pool of your own blood. [ laughter ] it's just ice, man. >> steve: yeah, it's just ice. ♪ >> jimmy: thank you, steven spielberg's "lincoln," for coming to theaters today. though it's a little strange that lincoln would ever want to be back in a theater. [ laughter and applause ] ♪ thank you, people who take pictures with their ipads, for basically saying, "i like taking pictures, but more importantly, i like other people seeing me taking pictures." [ laughter ] there you guys go. those are my "thank-you notes." [ cheers and applause ] we'll be right back with "freestylin' with the roo
Nov 10, 2012 12:35am PST
after the election. yeah. [ audience aws ] when mitt romney saw the video, he was, like -- [ as romney ] >> "what is that clear liquid coming out of his eyes?" [ laughter ] "is he leaking? what --" speaking of mitt romney, now that he's out of the presidential race, he will no longer receive protection from the secret service. [ audience aws ] or as big bird put it, "'sup?" [ laughter and applause ] why would big bird -- "sup?" there's also a rumor that romney will write a tell-all book based on the diary he kept on the campaign trail. you know, in case you ever wondered what ambien looks like in book form. [ laughter ] man, this is awesome. you guys hear the trailer for the new brad pitt zombie thriller, "world war z"? >> steve: oh, my. >> jimmy: it released today. it is awesome. it is really amazing. and it might just be me, but it seemed like all the characters in the movie sound a little like pee-wee herman. [ light laughter ] let's take a look. >> does it live in -- >> no. >> is it really fast? >> hey! >> what is going on? >> ah! >> i need you to help. >> you're asking me t
Nov 10, 2012 12:00am EST
romney's [ bleep ] been and what affect has that had on the voters? >> a late night host is giving up his [ bleep ]. >> yeah, you could be its new owner. >> i am here at the brazilian [ bleep ] bar. >> folks have been dancing, waving flags, [ bleep ] each other. >> going to be [ bleep ] for afternoon snack and it's definitely going to be [ bleep ] come 7:00 p.m. >> the american people reminded us that while our [ bleep ] has been hard, while our [ bleep ] has been long, we have [ bleep ] ourselves up. [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: we have a good show for you tonight. the author of the "twilight" series, stephenie meyer is here. we have music from boys like girls. and we'll be right back with 007, daniel craig, so stick around. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] bud light. the official beer of nfl fans who do whatever it takes. here we go. hello? halo 4. tell me you got it? oh yeah. yeah, got it at walmart. i'm fighting off a stinky promethean right now. what is the matter with you? who is that? it's cortana, master chief's ai. turns rampant, gets really mad. does cortana drive
Nov 10, 2012 7:00am EST
agree with that? >> yeah, absolutely. >> let me read something from your website. obama's appeal, black activists, blacks lost cause must get out white vote. black christian, shame, shame, shame. the black divider in chief, black actress supports romney. welcome home, sista spelled s-i-s-t-a. if this is on your website within the last month. how do you get black voters? >> i'm not familiar with what posts you're talking about. >> it's on >> wait, i don't know. i think probably lloyd marcus who is a spokesperson for tea party express probably wrote that. he's been with tea party express from the beginning. he is a proliffic blogger and writer, author and he's performed. that's my guess. but, look, we reach out to people all the time and there are african-americans, hispanics in this entire movement across the country. i mean, it doesn't -- we're not focused on race. what we are focused on are the fiscal issues and we want washington to reign in this out of control spending and live within their means so all americans win and we're on that path to prosperity, again. >
FOX News
Nov 10, 2012 3:00pm EST
. that is an astounding number. >> yeah. >> let's say if you are a republican parent living in the east and have a democratic daughter at a college in the west. i just voted for romney. i hope you will too. as jim pointed out the disparity between the romney and obama campaigns on social media. they obviously did a much better job the obama campaign turning out their base than romney did. >> one of the themes out of election in the coverage that the romney campaign had yard signs and obama campaign had instant messages. we know who won this. mike flynn did a terrific piece, republicans have a huge problem they don't have a silicon valley connection. there are 40 executives from silicon valley working with obama campaign. and oraca was a complete fiasco. this is not a good sign. this is something that reporters will be digging up. >> jon: one of problems with social media that bad news travels fast. brian williams the nbc anchor had to correct an incorrect tweet that went out. there is a rogue re-tweet that we have called the massachusetts senate race. we have not. >> that happened a cou
Search Results 0 to 8 of about 9 (some duplicates have been removed)